About US

Grace Baptist Church was started on October 7, 1935, with a core group of 36 charter members.  Within ten months of the church's first worship service, GBC requested and eventually obtained admission to the Nolachucky Baptist Association.  The church met for about one year in a small building on South Hill Street now known as the Theater Guild.  In November of 1936, the church bought property and a building on the corner of Dice and First South Streets at a cost of $1,700.  Within ten years, a parsonage was completed for the Pastor and his family.

Some 20 years later, it became evident that relocation was going to be necessary.  Thus, the church created a Building Fund in 1957 and within five years two acres of land on Lincoln Avenue were purchased for $9,000.  The church was able to pay-off that indebtedness within seventeen months.  God's blessings continued as a new building soon became a reality.  In August, 1964, ground-breaking on the present site took place, and on April 4, 1965, the first services of worship were held in the new building with 181 attending Sunday School that day.  The church was able to pay-off the indebtedness incurred with the new building by June of 1968.

Having outgrown classroom space with just a few years of worshiping in the new facility, in May of 1971 GBC voted to build an educational building at the cost of $85,000.  The new educational building was available for use by October of that same year.  In time, the church purchased additional property along Lincoln Avenue as they experienced some of their greatest days of ministry.

More recently, the church voted in December 2002, a plan for the remodeling of our facilities began.  As a result, GBC moved into its new Fellowship Hall in October 2008.

The greatest story that could ever be told about the history of GBC is that many hundreds of precious souls have been saved as a result of her ministry and outreach.  GBC has realized that the church is not a building - it is the body of Christ.  She has labored throughout her history to point people to the cross.  It is our earnest prayer that she will continue to do that for many more years to come!